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Dancing Zebras - an all-natural kids flavored water with

zero sugar and zero artificial sweeteners

Many beverages for kids contain high amounts of sugar.  Heavy consumption of sugary beverages contributes to rampant tooth decay in children and childhood obesity [with associated diseases]. Dancing Zebras will help to greatly reduce this sugar consumption and encourages kids to drink more water. And, it tastes good, too!


The idea for Dancing Zebras came when Dr. Croom worked as a dentist for an organization that treated children in under-served communities. She quickly discovered that many of them had substantial tooth decay, after seeing kids with completed treatment only to return just a year later with new decay all over their mouths again.  She was compelled to find a better solution than just drill and fill.


Dr. Croom grew weary of seeing these children in this condition time and time again, so she decided that she had to find a way to address this problem at the front end - with prevention.  Dr. Croom tinkered in her kitchen to come up with a drink that had to taste good, but did not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners - ingredients that can be harmful to growing kids' teeth and bodies. Her sugar-free mixture became Dancing Zebras, created to quench  children's thirst in a tasty way while not contributing to adverse consequences in our kids.


There are thousands of children who find themselves in this same predicament. And, the majority of rampant tooth decay and childhood obesity is preventable. Establishing healthier eating habits and good oral hygiene at early ages can not only help avoid undue pain and suffering to children now, but can help avoid disease later in adulthood.


As a social entrepreneurial organization, we pledge to donate

10% of profits to children's charities and community organizations. 

Dancing Zebras Kids Flavored Water is moms' best choice for their kids.

Dancing Zebras Kids Flavored Water comes in three delicious flavors -

Hip-Hop Strawberry, Rockin' Grape and Twirlin' Fruit Punch

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